How to silence the fully charged battery chime on your Android phone


Oh Hallelujah! I finally figured out what to me seems like the easiest solution to disability the sound that is played when my Android phone is fully charged. Since this is my only telephone I don’t want to turn all the sound off at night in case of an emergency call coming in. But it wakes us up when the battery is fully charged by playing an audible chime sound. I’ve looked for a solution many times but never found one. What I came up with is to replace the audio file with an edited one that only plays silence.

If you have a rooted phone and know what you’re doing, give this a try. Of course, I’m not responsible if your device is damaged or otherwise harmed in this process.

I’m working on an LG Optimus L9 (the P769 variant) phone running Jelly Bean. Find the sound file and copy it to your computer:

adb pull /system/media/audio/ui/FullBattery.ogg .

Now edit the file to be silence. I called my new file “FullBattery_silence.ogg”. If you don’t want to edit your own file you can download mine.

adb push FullBattery_silence.ogg /sdcard/.

Log into adb shell

adb shell

Remount the system directory so that it is writeable

mount -o rw,remount -t ext4 /dev/block/platform/omap/omap_hsmmc.1/by-name/system /system

I figured this out by looking at what is listed when the command “mount” is typed (color added for your convenience):

mount | grep /system

(this is the output):
 /dev/block/platform/omap/omap_hsmmc.1/by-name/system /system ext4 ro,relatime,barrier=1,data=ordered 0 0

Get root and change directories

cd /system/media/audio/ui/

Copy the file to this directory

cp /sdcard/FullBattery_silence.ogg .

Change the name of the original file

mv FullBattery.ogg FullBattery_backup.ogg

Rename your replacement file

mv FullBattery_silence.ogg FullBattery.ogg

Set the /system file to read only and exit:

mount -o ro,remount -t ext4 /dev/block/platform/omap/omap_hsmmc.1/by-name/system /system

That does it. The sound will still be played but now it’s just a silent audio file which won’t wake you up at night!

How to expand the internal memory of your Android device

I have this Samsung Vitality phone which I picked up from a Best Buy sale last year for $50. Better yet, it came with a Bluetooth speaker that I didn’t need and I managed to net $28 by selling that on eBay. I love the thing, it’s not a high-powered device, but it works for web browsing and email. There is just one problem, it only has 137 MB of internal storage. And when I got it, most of that was already used.

I was visiting my friend Linus this week and he told me I could expand that by adding some of the SD card memory. We tried it but couldn’t get it to work. But I gave it another go today and figured out how to use ClockworkMod along with INT2EXT4+ to do the deed. Now, as you can see, I have twice as much free internal storage as the phone is supposed to ship with.

This should be possible with any Android device. Join me after the break and I’ll tell you how to make it happen for your phone.

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Android app for Binary coded ASCII characters

I wrote about a project this morning that used a piece of tinfoil connected to an Arduino to simulate touchscreen presses on a tablet. I tried to do this myself but couldn’t get it to work reliably. I had already written this Android app which I intended to use with the interface technique had it work. I can’t unwrite that code so I’ve decided to share it. There’s a description in the video, and here’s a link to the code repository: