Rendering video with Cinelerra and FFmpeg

I’ve been making videos to share with posts and looked around for some video editing software that works with Ubuntu. I’m running 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot and Avidemux is not yet in the repositories so I decided to give Cinelerra a try. It’s availalbe in a PPA.

I like it. I’d guess it’s got a 2-4 hour learning curve but after you figure out what commands and clicks control each function it’s pretty easy. The problem came when it was time to export my video to post on YouTube.

I tried exporting OGG files, but I got some weird errors, and only part of my video would appear when uploaded to YouTube. I needed to find an alternative. Since I’ve already compiled FFmpeg from source for transcoding my over-the-air recordings it seemed like a good choice for rendering the videos outside of Cinelerra. All I needed to do is get my hands on the raw audio and video, then use FFmpeg to assemble the parts. See the steps I took after the break. Continue reading