Stream music from Linux to iPad – no app needed

I’m a Linux guy but I’ve also got this iPad. I don’t run iTunes so there’s no music on it. I have a collection on my home server that feeds the computers and XBMC boxes in the house. But what about the iPad? I had looked all over, and managed to patch together a working system using gnump3d but it was a pretty gruesome hack. 

Well, I’ve got some functionality working now. I installed mod_musicindex for my Apache server. It’s just an added layer on top of the indexing feature that Apache has. I like it, and it works somewhat acceptably. I can even password protect the directory, but I can’t seem to get anything to stream outside of the LAN. I also have one album that I can’t play but I have no idea why.


Is this crippled functionality really necessary? Why can’t the iPod app have built-in web address browsing? Nice hardware, but I detest crippled software. Grr!

Ubuntu FTP Server

Today I noticed that WordPress has a new version out (2.7.1).  I don’t have an ftp server setup on my Ubuntu box so I’m unable to use the automatic upgrade.  It’s not really a problem to upgrade manually, I usually tunnel in over ssh and then use “wget” to download the new package.  But, why not set up ftp and try it out the easy way?
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