What will replace my Palm?

Palm Tungsten e2

I have been a Palm user since 1999. I have long depended on my Palm for my schedule, my address book, my check book, my e-reader, and as an alternative to carrying pictures in my wallet (I don’t carry a wallet). I love the fact that I can easily sync everything for access on my desktop or in case I lose my Palm and therefore, my schedule book (what a nightmare to lose all my scheduling!).

I currently have the Palm Tungsten e2 and am very happy with it. The battery life is great, the screen gorgeous, and it’s a pretty fast device. Better yet, it is very easy to sync it with my Ubuntu 8.10 desktop (linux) using j-pilot. But, palm is no longer making non-smartphone devices.  Looking toward the future, what am I going to replace this device with?
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