My first Chumby app

I managed to get my hands on an Insignia Infocast 8 used at a bargain price on eBay. It’s an 8″ touchscreen device that is a clone of the Chumby. They’re designed to be hackable, so you can SSH into it as a feature. The apps are written in Flash, and I managed to get my first one running yesterday. Of course I’m using Linux tools only, but found that Haxe and Geany do a great job. I’ll roll the code and the steps I took into the post after the jump.

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Porting AVR code for MSP430 chips

I’ve just finished my first port of code from AVR over to MSP430. I used the garage door code button source because it’s fresh on my mind and I can reproduce the hardware on the TI Launchpad board. This provided a few sets of challenges, and showed me what I can do from the start to make my code more portable. I’ll get into both of those subjects and share the ported code after the break. Continue reading