First Arduino program

I know this is underwhelming, but everyone starts somewhere. I threw together a “hello world” type of program for the Arduino I just got. It uses the LED array on the Dragon Rider 500 (check out my Instructable) to scan six LEDs attached to pins 0-5 of the Aduino:

int tracker = 0;
int myDelay = 80;

void setup() {
 for (int i=0; i>6; i++) {
 pinMode(i, OUTPUT);

void loop()
 digitalWrite(tracker, HIGH);
 digitalWrite(tracker, LOW);
 if (++tracker > 5) tracker = 0;

Thank you SparkFun!

The doorbell just rang and I saw FedEx standing there and thought “Who set me something”? He was holding a red box in his hand and delight washed over me as I realized it was my shipment from SparkFun. I was one of the lucky bastards who got a $100 credit on free day.

This is my first order from SparkFun and I love the way they package their products. I’ve been surprised in the past by the amound of packaging that comes in an order from Mouser. SparkFun doesn’t go with the one-component-model-per-bag, but instead uses up all of the space in each bag by heat sealing the plastic between each collection of parts.

I won’t fill you in on a complete list of items, but I am excited about the Arduino Duemilanove that I ordered. I’ve written about Arduino over at Hackaday so much that the commenters accuse me of being in love with it. I find it ironic because I’ve been purely AVR up to this point but I guess we’ll see what happens. Off now to blink some LEDs.

Thank you SparkFun! By the way, I want to work there.