Dual Hauppauge 1250 tuner cards on Ubuntu 10.04

Hauppauge HVR-1250 ATSC tuner

Fall TV is about to start and since I often work during prime time we enjoy time shifting our over-the-air television shows. With this in mind I’ve picked up a second Hauppauge 1250 ATSC tuner card. I popped it in and fired up mythtv-setup but uh-oh, the second card was nowhere to be found.

Looks like this problem has been encountered before. So I grabbed the latest v4l-dvb code and tried it out. Don’t forget to change the FIREDTV value in v4l-dvb/v4l/.config from ‘m’ to ‘n’ before executing the make command.

Naturally make errored out because you must run into several errors when compiling anything (it’s the GNU law you know). So I found this thread and applied the suggested patch.

That seemed to break the bottleneck and I continued on with the sudo make install command and a reboot.

Now I have both cards mapped as adapter0 and adapter1 in /dev/dvb. I used mythtv-setup to add the other card and map it to antenna. I haven’t tried recording two shows at once, but conflicts on the schedule are now set to record so we’ll see.