WordPress on non-standard port (not Port 80)

I have a copy of wordpress running on my home server as well as on wordpress.com. At home my ISP blocks several common ports (Port 80, Port 21, etc). Because of this I have to use port forwarding with my router in order to serve webpages.

I use www.dyndns.com to give my dynamic IP address a more easy to remember name (ie: yourmadeupword.homelinux.org). This works well except that I have to add the non-standard port at the end: http://yourmadeupword.homelinux.org:3333

This is all fine and good except when it comes to wordpress. After installation I could not figure out why I wasn’t getting to my blog from outside the house. When I try I keep getting redirected to the url without the port number at the end.

Well, after much searching, I found you need to make sure you have wordpress set up for that specific port.

Log in as administrator, go to settings and click general. Change both urls listed there to include the port number you will be using.

6 thoughts on “WordPress on non-standard port (not Port 80)

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  2. Well it works but do take note that the page columns or themes will not be shown as such all entries or posts will only be seen as a one columg page… Sigh.

  3. Thanks for this tip, I’ve been digging while trying to find out what WP are too dumb to document.

    The trouble is with this that all the side bars disappear. That means you can’t log in as admin any more … which means you can’t change the port any more… adn can’t edit the articles anymore…which means you’re stuffed.

    WordPress really is a crock of shit once you want to go beyond the out of the box set up and do more than change the “theme”.

    No I cant spend the other half of my day trying to work out how to undo the port trick posted here.

    Thanks for the tip but a way back would be handy too.

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