3595i LCD – First Signs of Life

first_signs_of_lifeEven a small success is a success. I have for the first time seen a reaction from the LCD screen I pulled out of my nokia 3595i. Although I had some code on hand from other Internet sources I couldn’t get any response from the screen. Please forgive this photo, I don’t have a suitable back light set up for this display so you see an LED filtered by a piece of paper behind the display.

I made progress because I was able to get a hold of the datasheet for controller this screen uses. It was linked to at one of my favorite tech blogs, Embedded Projects From Around the Web. Their post was a review of a project that connected LCD screen from a Nokia 3510i to a pic16f84. The code there is in assembly and I’m not able to make much sense out of that language.

I will continue to develop a library for interfacing an ATtiny2313 with this display. Look for more as I make progress. To wet your appetite, here’s the source code that provides the output you see in the picture above:
#define F_CPU 1000000UL


#define LCD_DDR DDRB
#define LCD_CLK (1<

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