LCD – a whole lot of nothin’

LCD from Nokia 3595 connected to breadboard (not working)

I did do a bit of work with the 3595 lcd screen. I’ve got the circuit hooked up as I think it should and I ported the mega8 code for a tiny2313. Once everything was fired up I get nothing.

In order to fit the mega8 code in the 1k programming space of the smaller chip I had to take out everything related to strings. This should not have broken the initialization of the screen itself so I try to do a full write and full clear but I can see not response from the display. I took a look at the datasheet for controller in this board; initialization is quite complicated require setup not only of the data in memory but the power supply built into the controller. I’m putting this one on the back burner for a while.

Feel free to leave comments if you have any advice. I might try to build an oscilloscope (or an interface to use my computer as one) before I continue. Without it I’m kind of flying blind with getting this working.