LED Display Matrix

8x15 LED Display Matrix

8x15 LED Display Matrix

I’ve long been interested in how those scrolling LED signs work. There are snippets here and there throughout the internet but not everything that one really needs to achieve a project like this.

I have actually seen this project all the way through, from breadboarding, to etching my own controller boards and assembling the prototype into a nice package. I have learned quite a bit, especially about using the timer interrupts of the AVR microcontrollers, using shift registers, and especially about selecting the right hardware for the job.

Take a look at the in-depth tutorial I have posted at instructables:

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  2. Hi;
    i saw your led Display in instructables site, it was cool, I am from india , the HEF4794 led driver is not available, i can’t buy it from online, is there any other alternate for HEF4794, i tried with 74hc595 it didn’t work, i cant figure it out why, i am sure i connected it properly. i have used both UDN2981 and ULN2803, with display but it didnt works. is that i need to enable fuse byte. before programming does it affect the working. plz reply.

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