Stream music from Linux to iPad – no app needed

I’m a Linux guy but I’ve also got this iPad. I don’t run iTunes so there’s no music on it. I have a collection on my home server that feeds the computers and XBMC boxes in the house. But what about the iPad? I had looked all over, and managed to patch together a working system using gnump3d but it was a pretty gruesome hack. 

Well, I’ve got some functionality working now. I installed mod_musicindex for my Apache server. It’s just an added layer on top of the indexing feature that Apache has. I like it, and it works somewhat acceptably. I can even password protect the directory, but I can’t seem to get anything to stream outside of the LAN. I also have one album that I can’t play but I have no idea why.


Is this crippled functionality really necessary? Why can’t the iPod app have built-in web address browsing? Nice hardware, but I detest crippled software. Grr!

Light bulb microcontroller salvaged with HVSP

The ATtiny13 microcontroller from that LED light bulb is now waiting for new firmware. I used High Voltage Serial Programming to erase the chip, which clears the lock bits. I then reset the high fuse back to 0xFF. It was 0xFA before which disables the reset pin (and enables brownout detection) making In System Programming impossible.

I finished mapping out the PCB and it does use the example circuit from the buck converter's datasheet. Looks like it was outputting 12V and using a 7V zener diode to step down to the 5V source the tiny13 needed. I'm going to depopulate the PSU and patch in a 12V feed for further testing. I'm thinking my first project will be a red/green flasher for a Christmas porch light.

LED lightbulb schematic

I had a bit of time to test out the PCB from that LED light bulb. I've just been using continuity tester and ohm-meter for this. Here's the LED logic. High-side transistors but I haven't quite figured out how the resistors are wired. I've also established the A/C side of the switching regulator but I'm having trouble figuring out the output. Similar to the example in the datasheet but not quite the same.

Dual Hauppauge 1250 tuner cards on Ubuntu 10.04

Fall TV is about to start and since I often work during prime time we enjoy time shifting our over-the-air television shows. With this in mind I’ve picked up a second Hauppauge 1250 ATSC tuner card. I popped it in and fired up mythtv-setup but uh-oh, the second card was nowhere to be found.

Looks like this problem has been encountered before. So I grabbed the latest v4l-dvb code and tried it out. Don’t forget to change the FIREDTV value in v4l-dvb/v4l/.config from ‘m’ to ‘n’ before executing the make command.

Naturally make errored out because you must run into several errors when compiling anything (it’s the GNU law you know). So I found this thread and applied the suggested patch.

That seemed to break the bottleneck and I continued on with the sudo make install command and a reboot.

Now I have both cards mapped as adapter0 and adapter1 in /dev/dvb. I used mythtv-setup to add the other card and map it to antenna. I haven’t tried recording two shows at once, but conflicts on the schedule are now set to record so we’ll see.

Porting AVR code for MSP430 chips

I’ve just finished my first port of code from AVR over to MSP430. I used the garage door code button source because it’s fresh on my mind and I can reproduce the hardware on the TI Launchpad board. This provided a few sets of challenges, and showed me what I can do from the start to make my code more portable. I’ll get into both of those subjects and share the ported code after the break. Continue reading